Dear United Coop Patrons,

The 2018 harvest is here and it looks like it is going to be a wet one.  I have seen some areas where the corn is going down, but for the most part we just lost the tops.  There is a considerable amount of stalk rot in pretty much every field I have been in lately.  So far we have been able to brave the winds, but I am concerned about standability. 

As far as yield goes it will be all over the place.  Soybeans seem to be doing well in areas that missed the heavier rains this spring and what little corn has been harvested looks pretty good.  With all of the drowned out areas in the fields it is hard to come up with an average just yet.

I know when harvest hits one of the last things on everyone’s mind is what are we going to do next year?  It is time to start thinking about your inputs for next year.  With the less than ideal markets we are experiencing right now we need to make every cent count.  Early pre-pay discounts offer the grower the best price on their inputs for the year.  We offer many different financing options as well.  In many cases we can get 0% financing and if we can’t the interest rate is very low.

Let us come up with a plan to help you make every season a profitable one!

As always thank you for your continued patronage! We appreciate your business and if there is anything your local United Coop can do for you please let us know.

There are countless things that your local United Cooperative can do for you, so give us a call today so we can help you!

For any questions regarding the products that we handle call your local salesman:

For Webster City:  Zach Sukraw (515)835-1036 or Tim Scott (515)835-1065
For Stonega:  Clint Olson (515)835-0687
For Kamrar:  Terry Olson (515)835-7151
For Stratford:  Dan Bergman (515)835-0574

Once again thanks goes out to everyone for their support!

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