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To All United Coop Patrons,


          It’s always exciting when the combines start to roll.  This past growing season has been a bit challenging between the rain and winds.  A big portion of the soybean acres we service were Roundup Ready 2 Xtend.  I’m happy to say we had no drift complaints.  I think we were very respectful of the wind direction, and the weed control was outstanding.  Can’t say enough for the importance of having a good soybean pre emerge herbicide down after planting.  It’s a huge part of a good total weed control system.  As you get your fields combined this fall please let one of us know so we can check to see if your field is due to be resampled or sampled for the first time.  It’s much more economical and makes a lot more since, with compaction among other things, to get your fertilizer and nitrogen applied this fall when possible.


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