Gold News: Why Metal Matters
Mike Hammer of The Gold Enthusiast - - Fri Sep 14, 9:13AM CDT
Gold News: Why Metal Matters

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Scotiabank released the latest issue of their Metal Matters publication Monday.  In general, it’s a good run-through of gold news and the current state of the precious metals sector.

While it can sometimes be too simplistic, Metal Matters offers the average investor a good quick rundown of factors influencing metals prices right now.  Your friendly Gold Enthusiast will admit he doesn’t read it every month, but checks in every few issues to see what they’re saying. This months’ takeaway sentence starts “Commodities are suffering as …” and ends “…will be brought to a halt.”

You’ll have to read Metal Matters find out about the tasty bit in the middle. You can find it here, then relax your way into the weekend.

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