To All United Coop Patrons,



          It feels good to have spring just about upon us.  I hope you had a good and safe winter.  We are ready to take care of any spring planting needs you have.  Whether it be Dry fertilizer, NH3 custom or farmer applied or spraying.  The machines will be ready to roll when you are.

Mikaela is busy signing customers up for our crop scouting service.  If you haven’t already done so call her or one of us today.  If you need to make some last minute seed decisions we can also help out with that.

We recently added another 24 knife NH3 applicator to our fleet of NH3 applicators it’s assembled and ready to go to the field.  We have made some improvements to our Bulk chemical load out area that will make it safer and more efficient.  

Seth has been busy filling our seed shed.  Our on Demand seed treater has been inspected and calibrated and is ready for the upcoming seed treating season.  The shop at Highview has worked out well for the guys to work on equipment.

Last year was our first experience with the Dicamba soybeans.  The weed control was superior.  We will be spraying a huge amount of acres in 2018 with this new technology.  Although it comes with a few challenges, I believe this can be accomplished if we all have good communication and are aware of our surroundings.  Please give this some thought and communicate with your neighbors to see what their planting intentions are and communicate that with us.  The sooner you could go over maps with one of us the smoother this will all go.  I also believe it will work the best if when we spray your pre emerge chemical on your soybeans if we have your permission to spray the Dicamba product of choice when we feel it is time so we can schedule it and apply it when the wind is calm and out of the correct direction.  There is a restriction when we will have to quit applying it if we miss the window of application we will need to switch to another product.


Thank you for all your support we appreciate each one of you and look forward to working with you this spring.



                                                            Thank you!



Please watch this short video to learn more about our new On-Demand Seed Treatment System:

Thank you for all your support!


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Thank you for your support!

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