Energy Prices
Product   Charge   Cash
91% Unleaded - Bulk Delv $ 2.93 $ 2.90
87/10 Gasohol - Bulk Delv $ 2.49 $ 2.46
Premium RUBY Diesel/cfi Bulk Delv $ 2.20 $ Less Volume
LS #2 Diesel Clear
$ 2.65 $ Less Volume
LP PRICE $ 1.34 $ 1.29
LP Summer fill $   $  
LP Fall Contract $   $  


Comments from Rick Moore
Your United Coop has the latest and greatest Oil's and Grease's on hand. Give your driver a call and he will deliver to you. You can also stop by Highview location and pick up. Also think about BOOKING YOUR FUEL for FALL. Prices seem to be working up. Talk to anybody listed below. And THANKS for your business. Have a great spring.   Also it's time to book your PROPANE needs for this next year. BOOK now, lock in low prices.   
Steve Miller             835-1058
Randy Hilpipre         835-0648 
Rick Moore              835-2347